How to Join

NCL, Inc. is a sponsorship organization in which a prospective member must be sponsored by a current member of the chapter she wishes to join. Current Heart of Texas members are limited in the number of new families they can sponsor – usually 1 or 2.  Our chapter requires multiple members to sponsor a single new member and help them through the application process.

The membership selection process begins in the fall of a daughter’s 6th grade year.  Decisions regarding acceptance are made in the spring of the following year.   Heart of Texas encourages prospective members to reach out to current members to discuss the membership process.

Membership Obligations

Membership obligations are designed to shepherd our daughters through a 6-year process during their 7th through 12th grade years and to strengthen the mother-daughter bond, as described in the Who We Are and What We Do sections.

Mothers (Patronesses) and their daughters (Ticktockers) are each required to work a minimum of 15 hours of League Service for the chapter and a minimum of 20 hours of Philanthropy Service during our NCL year, which runs April 1st – March 31st.  Fewer requirements are assigned during the senior year.


League service include attending 5-6 meetings and two required events, as well as performing the duties of a league-assigned job per year.  Philanthropy service is earned by working at the agencies we support and on philanthropy projects at home and in meetings.  A calendar of our agencies’ philanthropic needs is provided for the members to choose from throughout the year.

Sherri and Bronwyn Walsh