Cultural Experiences

We value enriching experiences and incorporate them into our program through meetings, special events, and culturally-focused philanthropy work. Our members are encouraged to explore and sample the many art and cultural offerings of our diverse city. In addition, Patroness and Ticktocker meetings include a strong educational component.

Speakers at Patroness meetings include physicians, community leaders, local authors, nutrition specialists, and philanthropy directors who address such topics as personal protection, household organization, parenting issues, and homelessness and hunger in our community.

Ticktockers have the opportunity to learn a variety of skills as they progress through the 6-year NCL, Inc. program. Each year, meetings and activities are focused around a particular theme, specifically:

  • 7th grade – Friendship and etiquette
  • 8th grade – High school preparation
  • 9th grade – Time management
  • 10th grade – Interpersonal relationships
  • 11th grade – College career choices
  • 12th grade – Independent living
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Ticktockers learn how to make floral centerpieces for the Tea and Fashion Show.

In recent years, Ticktocker programming around these themes has included internet safety, personal protection, meeting preparation, proper dress and behavior at social and cultural events, developing goal setting and decision making skills, identifying personal values, and encouraging service to others.